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Welcome to the dream that is LSW, the London Shakespeare Workout.  Through the proven strength of our community outreach programme, the London Shakespeare Workout (LSW) Prison Project, a fully registered national charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales (No. 1084717), we aim to be of service both to the theatrical profession and to the broader community at large. By virtue of an ever burgeoning series of varied incentives, actors, film-makers alongside offenders and ex-offenders of all ages, genders, races, creeds, nationalities and orientations are given opportunities to further explore and develop skills of self-expression and jointly enhance confidence through the glorious balm which is Shakespeare's language, as well as that of other major dramatic voices and thinkers and film-makers who have been inspired by the Bard throughout time. Please follow the links below to find out more.

LSW: The London Shakespeare Workout
A Sunday workshop for professional actors.  
LSW: Workout Guests
The generous exchange which keeps our profession alive
LSW Prison Project
Finding liberation through self-expression.
LSW: Prison Project Diaries
Giving voice to Actors, Prison Officials & Residents alike.
LSW Prison Project Mission Statement
Promoting Confidence Through the Will to Dream
With Thanks to Prison Project Supporters
"So thanks to all at once and to each one"
LSW Prison Project Executive Committee
Steering the Way Towards a Brighter Future
LSW Junior Inter-ACT
Sharing Workouts with New Generations
The Dreaming Will Initiative
Applying all literacies through  film-shooting/editing training
Prisons Video Magazine
LSW's partners in the 'Dreaming Will' Initiative
LSW Prison Project Protocols
All Actors in LSW Prison Projects must abide by Protocols
The Angus Pope Arts Fund
Aiding to enrich dramatic dreams of offenders/ex-offenders
The latest news on projects under the LSW umbrella
Only great poets can write like Shakespeare? THINK AGAIN!
Adrift to Dream
Providing casting opportunities for Workout attenders.
World Wide William and other links of interest
Discussion forums for Shakespeare, acting, casting and more
James Gill Gallery
LSW's official photographer
The Shakeathon
LSW's annual celebration of the Bard's Birthday
LSW  Special Manhattan Session
NYC LSW WO celebrating RSC's BAM performances
Chairman's Report 2001
LSW's First Effective Evaluation
Chairman's Report 2002
Effective Evaluation Secundus 
LSW  Hits the Lords
Hansard Relates Lord Rooker's Comments - 29.4.02
'Thou Ripe Bum-Bailey'
The Guardian contemplates some LSW magic

If you would like to know more about any of the projects contained herein then please contact Bruce Wall, Chairman of LSW's Executive Committee. We hope you enjoy the site!